Worse than Guantanamo

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Obama may be closing Guantanamo Bay, but Bagram, the granddaddy of US terror camps, is expanding

Two and a half years ago, a grudge festered in a sleepy hamlet in eastern Afghanistan. Under a midday sun, American soldiers came to seize Musakhil Gahfor. According to his younger brother, an angry neighbour had tipped them off that Musakhil was stockpiling weapons. They found nothing but took their man anyway. It was the last his family would hear of him for five months.

Musakhil disappeared into Bagram Theatre Internment Facility – a US prison notorious for the interrogation techniques pioneered there and the subsequent torture and death of men in custody. American soldiers who served there would export what they learned to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Twice the size of the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Bagram is the granddaddy of US terror camps. Read the rest of this entry »